Friday, January 13, 2012

Worlds Tallest Clock Tower in Mecca,KSA

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is building the tallest clock tower of the world.The tower is situated in Mecca,Saudi Arabia.The clock is situated at the top of the tower.The tower is for both hotel and residential purposes .The construction was started in the year 2004.It is estimated to complete this construction within the year 2011 and will be opened in 2012.Then it will be the tallest tower with a height of 601 miters.The clock will be visible around 25 kilometers.The clock is approximately six times bigger than the clock Big Ben of London.The tower is adjacent to the Masjid al Haram.So it is surely a amazing construction in the world.Do n't miss to visit this tower.There are many high class and medium class residential hotels to stay there during travelling.For travelling Saudi Arabia. travelers get enough priority for Saudi visas.Interested persons can contact to Saudi embassy in there country of residence.If you have any question or comments please do not hesitate to comment below.Thanks and keep visiting here. 


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