Friday, January 13, 2012

The longest sea beach in the world-Cox's Bazar(Bangladesh)

Everyone have an attraction to wast their leisure in a nice sea beach.Obviously it becomes hard to find a nice sea beach to us.Because there are many nice sea beaches in the world.For those people,it may be a right choice to select  Cox's Bazar sea beach which is the longest sea beach in the world and which is situated in Bangladesh.It is also beautiful one.The sea beach is 120 km long.It is most attractive sea beach,there is no shark,best for sun-bathing,swimming and many more.This sea beach is located at a small and nice hilly district named Cox's Bazar which has a good transport system with the capital Dhaka.You can go there from Dhaka by Bus, Train or by Aeroplane.It is so easy to visit there.For more details for your journey to this sea beach,you may visit the site.


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