Friday, January 13, 2012

Visit Sundarbon

Sundarbon a most beautiful mangrove forest in the world.The natural beauty of Sundarbon is not describable in a sentence.Sundarbon is situated in the coastal aria of Bangladesh.The area of sundarbon in Bangladesh is about 4,110 sq km.Sundarbon consists of approximately 200 islands.It came under the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.The word "Sundarbon" is the result of addition of two different words"Sundar" which is a Bengali name of the English word"Beautiful" and other part of the name is "Bon" which is also a Bengali name of the English word"Forest".Various types of plants are grown here.The most special tree is"Sundari" which scientifically name is" Heritiera fomes".different types of animal are seen here.The world famous Royal Bengal Tiger is seen only in sundarbon.Visit this naturally beautiful place in the world today.


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