Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Disable your Facebook Timeline.

Facebook time line got much popularity among the users when it opened for all.A lot of users are now annoyed on it.They want to back to previous layout.But actually it is not possible to go back to the old layout.Because there is no option to change timeline option to old option.Timeline layout is a permanent option.There is a trick to change it but applying this trick timeline will temporarily be changed only to you.That means only you can't see your timeline but other users can see it.If interested then  you may follow this trick.Permanently it's not possible to get back your old profile layout again.But you have to use google chrome or mozilla firefox to apply this trick.For chrome browser:
1. Right click on google chrome icon displaying on your windows.Select properties.In the properties box you will find "Target" box where exist application launching url(C:\Users\TAJCO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe)

2. Now copy this code  -user-argent="Mozilla/4.0(compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)" and past it in the "Target" box after leaving a space from  'chrome.exe' and this code will be applicable for Windows 7 only.For XP users, copy and past this code -user-argent="Mozilla/4.0(compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)".For example:
 C:\Users\TAJCO\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -user-argent="Mozilla/4.0(compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

3. Now click on the button "Apply" then "OK".That's all.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to get direct url of your tweet.

Some time we need to collect direct url of our tweets.The direct url of a tweet is the url which directly takes a visitor to a definite tweet.The url format is like this!/username/status/161845792405777648 .To get this type url of your tweet simply click according to the instruction given below in the image.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Visit Sparta-The ancient Greek city.

Sparta is an ancient Greek city situated to the south of the Greece.From 650BC Sparta became a dominant military state power of ancient Greece.Sparta is a remarkable historical place of the world.Sparta has a long history of many devastating  war.We must have heard the history of battle of Troy.In which the emperor of Sparta along with others Greek powers.Sparta is a very small town and is very safe to round the whole area at any time either day or night.It is a perfect place for touring where the extra benefits are to meet the needs of most attractive historical interests.Sparta has an excellent  public transport system and a nice environment too.So for an exceptional touring experience,Sparta may be a perfect place.
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Visit Bunol,enjoy annual "Tomatina" tomato fight,Bunol,Spain

The land of  festivals Spain has been arranging a different type festival named Tomatina about many years and holding at a small Spanish town Valencian of Bunol.Twenty thousands of people around from around the world take part in this fighting.But it is not a bloody fighting at all!People throw many tons of ripe tomato to each other.During this time the Spanish town Valencian wash in red tomato pulp!The festival has a nice history if we look at it's root going back to 1945,when children would food fight with their friends.Now it has been a recognized festival in Spain and become a attractive festival among the youth globally.Every year  many thousands of tourists from around the world visit Valencian to take part on the festival.It is time to Valencian!Lets enjoy this festival.
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Visit Christ the Redeemer,Brazil

The statue of Jesus,Christ the Redeemer is located in Rio de Jeneiro,Brazil and is the fifth largest statue of Jesus in the world.It is 130 ft tall including it's pedestal of 31 ft and 98 ft wide.The weight of the statue is 635 tonnes which has been built at the peak of the corcovado mountain of about 2,300 ft height.The statue was constructed between 1922 and 1930.Christ de Redeemer has been declared as the wonders of the world in the year 2007.It has been a great place for touring.The statue has been using for different media purposes.One of the example that we notice in the movie 2012.It may be your one of the perfect touring spot.For travel information,you  may ask me for further information.
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Visit Dragon Land(Bhutan)-The land is in festive mode rounding the wedding of Bhutanese King.

Bhutan which is known as the land of Dragon.It is a traditional name of Kingdom of Bhutan.It is located at the eastern end of the Himalayas.It is small country of about 38,394sq-km.Bhutan has a amazing landscape.Today Bhutanese are in festive mood rounding there beloved king's marriage.King Jigme Khesar Namgyel who is a favorite king of the people of Dragon land and has been graduated from Oxford University,UK marries a beautiful girl who met the king at a picnic party about 10 years ago first.Where the king offered for love to the girl named Jetsun Pema,daughter of an airline pilot.After 10 years king marries Jetsun Pema of 21 years old.People observe this wedding as a historic and memorable festival.In this day people wear there traditional dresses along with traditional cultures.Really it is nice moment for the people of Bhutan.Bhutan is a land of attractive natural beauty may be regarded as an actual place to pass a nice moment.It may be a great place for touring and current moment is a right time to kake decision to visit Bhutan when the land is observing their memorable wedding festival.
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Bosphorus Bridge-Attaching Europe with Asia.

Bosphorus Bridge a bridge which connect Europe and Asia.The  bridge is located between the Asian city Beylerbeyi and the European city Ortaköy in Turkey.The bridge is situated over the Bosphorus strait.Total length of this bridge is 4,954 ft and width is 128ft.Turkey authority started it's construction on February 1970 and completed on October the 30th 1973.The bridge has a nice looking.It can meet your interests on geographical variances.Also visit Europe and Asia both!If you have more curiosity then do not hesitate to inform me.Please leave your comments and give support this site.Thanks and keep visiting.

Worlds Tallest Clock Tower in Mecca,KSA

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is building the tallest clock tower of the world.The tower is situated in Mecca,Saudi Arabia.The clock is situated at the top of the tower.The tower is for both hotel and residential purposes .The construction was started in the year 2004.It is estimated to complete this construction within the year 2011 and will be opened in 2012.Then it will be the tallest tower with a height of 601 miters.The clock will be visible around 25 kilometers.The clock is approximately six times bigger than the clock Big Ben of London.The tower is adjacent to the Masjid al Haram.So it is surely a amazing construction in the world.Do n't miss to visit this tower.There are many high class and medium class residential hotels to stay there during travelling.For travelling Saudi Arabia. travelers get enough priority for Saudi visas.Interested persons can contact to Saudi embassy in there country of residence.If you have any question or comments please do not hesitate to comment below.Thanks and keep visiting here. 

Visit S.Korea:See World's Longest man-made Sea Wall.

The worlds longest sea wall named Saemangeum Seawall is only a man-made wall which has been made separating Yellow Sea and Saemangeum estuary and situated on the southwest coast of South Korea.The wall is 33km's by length and about 270 km's southwest of the capital city Seoul.It's construction started in 1991 and it has been opened to the public on 27April 2010.There is a nice view for touring there.It has been taken to make it as a great tourism location.For further inquiry, visit Korean tourism pages on the web or you may ask me for more.           
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Visit Ciujaigau-China

Ciujaigau is a very beautiful place situated in China.We know that,China is a land of beauty.There are many places in China which are really damn beautiful.Ciujaigau is one of them.It is situated at  West Sichuyana Province in China.UNESCO has included this place in its World Natural Heritage List.There are about ten to twelve snow white mountains are always remain covered with white snow.The worlds rare mountains and waterfalls which make Ciujaigau as a indescribable beautiful and amazing place.There are various things in different seasons and weathers.There are many colorful high hill lakes in the valley.Is not it a wonderful matter!It is not end!It is now start because there are many amazing places which are waiting to wonder you!Do not miss this place to visit.

The longest sea beach in the world-Cox's Bazar(Bangladesh)

Everyone have an attraction to wast their leisure in a nice sea beach.Obviously it becomes hard to find a nice sea beach to us.Because there are many nice sea beaches in the world.For those people,it may be a right choice to select  Cox's Bazar sea beach which is the longest sea beach in the world and which is situated in Bangladesh.It is also beautiful one.The sea beach is 120 km long.It is most attractive sea beach,there is no shark,best for sun-bathing,swimming and many more.This sea beach is located at a small and nice hilly district named Cox's Bazar which has a good transport system with the capital Dhaka.You can go there from Dhaka by Bus, Train or by Aeroplane.It is so easy to visit there.For more details for your journey to this sea beach,you may visit the site.

Darjeeling(India) the Land of Natural Beauty.

Darjeeling a most beautiful place of the world.It is a district of India under the province of West Bengal.The total area is 3,149 sq.Darjeeling is famous for not only its natural beauty but also its tea gardens and its railway.Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is now in the World Heritage  because of the century old steam engine still running on the rail road across the hilly area.There is a variance in the language of the people of Darjeeling.People speaks here in Hindi,Gorkha,Bengali,Nepali,Tibetan and English.Tiger Hill is a beautiful spot of Darjeeling.It is 8,482 ft high.The world highest peak named Mount Everest is visible from here.Darjeeling is a place of cultural fair.It is the actual place for visit.March to mid June and October to December are the best times to visit Darjeeling.Have a happy journey to Darjeeling.

Vatican City-The Smallest Country of the World

It is really a mystery! that the smallest country of the world is Vatican City.It's official name is State of the Vatican City.It is a sovereign state,situated inside the city Rome!Vatican has an area of 0.44 sq km and the population is about 920.The language of Vatican City are Latin and Italian.Vatican has been used the euro as it's currency.Vatican City has it's own transport system but small in size.There is no airport but there is one heliport and standard gauge railway.The rail road is 852 miters long but only 300 miters in Vatican territory.It has it's own postal service.Vatican has also it's own TV and Radio stations which broadcast it's programs to  all over the world through satellite,SW and there is also HAM operators.The head of the administration of Vatican City is Pope.He is also the head of the Catholic people of the world.                                                                                                  
Watch satellite view of Vatican City

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Visit Sundarbon

Sundarbon a most beautiful mangrove forest in the world.The natural beauty of Sundarbon is not describable in a sentence.Sundarbon is situated in the coastal aria of Bangladesh.The area of sundarbon in Bangladesh is about 4,110 sq km.Sundarbon consists of approximately 200 islands.It came under the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.The word "Sundarbon" is the result of addition of two different words"Sundar" which is a Bengali name of the English word"Beautiful" and other part of the name is "Bon" which is also a Bengali name of the English word"Forest".Various types of plants are grown here.The most special tree is"Sundari" which scientifically name is" Heritiera fomes".different types of animal are seen here.The world famous Royal Bengal Tiger is seen only in sundarbon.Visit this naturally beautiful place in the world today.

The Great Wall of China-Wonder of the World.

The Great Wall is one of the greatest wonder of the world.This wonder has glorified China.Great Wall has been a most attractive touring place in the world.Most people discovers  this Great Wall as their most desirable touring spot.Lets know something about this Great Wall.The Great Wall is located in China.It covers from eastern China to western China along with the southern part of Inner Mongolia,the autonomous region of China.It was built mainly to protect the former northern borders of China.It is not a unique wall but combination of different separated walls.One of the famous part of wall was built by Qin Shi Huang the first Chinese Emperor during 220-206 BC.But the majority part was built by the Ming Dynasty.It is totally 8,851.8 km long.The wall is visible from the moon also visible from low earth orbit.It is one of the best place for touring.
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