Friday, January 13, 2012

Vatican City-The Smallest Country of the World

It is really a mystery! that the smallest country of the world is Vatican City.It's official name is State of the Vatican City.It is a sovereign state,situated inside the city Rome!Vatican has an area of 0.44 sq km and the population is about 920.The language of Vatican City are Latin and Italian.Vatican has been used the euro as it's currency.Vatican City has it's own transport system but small in size.There is no airport but there is one heliport and standard gauge railway.The rail road is 852 miters long but only 300 miters in Vatican territory.It has it's own postal service.Vatican has also it's own TV and Radio stations which broadcast it's programs to  all over the world through satellite,SW and there is also HAM operators.The head of the administration of Vatican City is Pope.He is also the head of the Catholic people of the world.                                                                                                  
Watch satellite view of Vatican City

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