Friday, November 25, 2011

Climate Change Effects on Himalaya.

Climate change today has become a big issue in the world.We are observing it's negative effects everywhere in the world.We are facing many problems due to climate change.Due to climate change the more than a billion  people more leaving in the Himalayan area have to completely depend upon the natural source of Himalaya are suffering badly.In Nepal the agriculture and tourism sectors are going down and the impact is on their economy.Himalayan area lost it's natural resources and biodiversity gradually.Global warming melts Himalayan glaciers down very rapidly and the result is frequent flooding in the lower area around the Himalaya like Bangladesh.Himalaya is a great natural creation in the world.We have to come forward taking steps to stop climate change as soon as possible or lost our biodiversity.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

How to reduce acidity problem

Today's among various health problem,people suffers from acidity most.It has become a massive trouble of those peoples who suffers from acidity.Actually acidity means the gas formation in the stomach.Some medicine can instantly stop gas formation in the stomach but it may have side effects.There are some also natural tips which are very safer and active.
1. Avoid spicy foods.
2. Drink a lot of water each day.It is good to drink 3-4 liters water each day.
3. Drink 2-3 glass of water early in the morning and take dinner 2-3 hours before of sleeping.
4. Eat a lot of fresh vegetable and fruit instead of fatty foods.
5. Always avoid junk food.
6. Take deep sleeping about 6-7 hours.
If above tips are followed properly then acidity problems will be hopefully  reduced.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honey to reduce extra bodily weight.

Fatty persons always suffer from their excessive weight of their body.Peoples want to reduce their weight by following various methods.Many people take pill again take tea.But there is a massive possibility of side effects due to apply those formulas.But honey is naturally a standard solution to solve this problem.But we must have to stop or reduce the use of sugar in our daily foods.We should replace it by honey because, inspite  of low presence of sugar,it do not increase wet as sugar do due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.Sugar expense our bodily vitamins and minerals during digesting process which is a result of want of vitamins and minerals in our body which helps to reduce of break down fats and cholesterol.But honey is enriched  with vitamins and minerals which reduce fats and cholesterol and control our wet.So take now a spoon of honey.

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