Sunday, November 20, 2011

Honey to reduce extra bodily weight.

Fatty persons always suffer from their excessive weight of their body.Peoples want to reduce their weight by following various methods.Many people take pill again take tea.But there is a massive possibility of side effects due to apply those formulas.But honey is naturally a standard solution to solve this problem.But we must have to stop or reduce the use of sugar in our daily foods.We should replace it by honey because, inspite  of low presence of sugar,it do not increase wet as sugar do due to the presence of vitamins and minerals.Sugar expense our bodily vitamins and minerals during digesting process which is a result of want of vitamins and minerals in our body which helps to reduce of break down fats and cholesterol.But honey is enriched  with vitamins and minerals which reduce fats and cholesterol and control our wet.So take now a spoon of honey.

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i'll take this, thanks Omar :)

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