Friday, October 21, 2011

Dark circles under eyes

It is an unpleasant matter to those persons who have dark circles under his or her eyes.Dark circles under the eyes of a person make a bad effect on his or her smartness.Also the victims are in a feeling of oldness,unhealthy and tiredness.The spot of dark circles under eyes may occur at childhood.but we see this problem mainly in adulthood.It is not a sign of serious illness or oldness.But there are different facts are responsible for dark circles .Improper lifestyle is a main cause of dark circles under the eyes.We notice that maximum students are a victim of dark circles under their eyes.It is mainly because of their long studies.Long studies and improper sleeping may cause dark circles under eyes badly. Moreover watching television and sitting in front of computer monitor for a long time is an important factor for dark circles.Not only that excessive taking of alcohols, smoking and taking medicines may also be a cause of dark circles .People suffers from mental depression which is one of the efficient reason of sporting dark circles  under their eyes.So there are a lot of reasons behind this skin problem.Due to this problems the victims are always suffer from mental depression.But dark circles is curable and solution is not so hard but need much patience and some self maintenance.There are some home remedies that will help to reduce the visibility of dark circles under eyes.It is recommend to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. This will help the body stay hydrated which will reduce the amount of bodily fluids that are accumulated inside the body. These bodily fluids are the main cause of dark eye circles. Eat less foods that contain a lot of salt. The most common cause for eye bags is fatigue. Make sure to sleep about 7-8 hours per day.Remove all makeup before going to sleep to stop it from irritating eyes.Rubbing eyes also causes irritation,rubbing eyes should avoid to keep safe from dark spot under the eyes.When we need to go out of home we should have to use anti sun rays glass which protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays from sun,ultraviolet is another reason of dark circles under eyes.We may also use umbrella to protect our skin around the eyes from sun rays.So it is not impossible to overcome from dark circles .Only need to maintain our life style.Also one can go to the doctors for further suggestions.But if a person maintain above lifestyle,he or she can protect his or her eyes from dark spot.


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Faye-Dark circles under eyes

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