Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to install wordpress website (Part-1)

Dear friends how are you all. After many days I've come here back to write for you.Now I'm going to write about how to install wordpress website in a server.It's somewhat long process but easy.So I'll describe complete process in part daily.I'm also practicing wordpress website installation with you. So if there is any mistake please make your comment about that. 
Domain Registration-

  • Register a domain name.We will register free domain from www.co.cc as learning purpose.You can take domain from www.dot.tk too.but here we will use domain taken from co.cc . 
  • First go to www.co.cc and create an account,then search for your desired domain and registered it. I took a domain "omarfaruque.co.cc" for this tutorial.
  • Now click on "Manage Domain" option from the right sidebar.
  • Then click on your domain name that you recently registered and click on "Name server" from option one.
  • Now fill the two blank boxes with "ns01.000webhost.com" and "ns02.000webhost.com" ( without quote). 
  • For this tutorial we will use 000webhost.com which is a free hosting provider to host our wordpress website.
  • After putting two name server address click on "Set up" button as shown in the image above.
  • Now our domain is ready it may take up to 24 hours to be active.
The next process is hosting (000webhost.com) registration and file preparation to install wordpress website which will be discussed in the next part.Please put your comments.Thank you and stay tuned.


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