Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to increase traffics to your blog or website.

Most of us have our personal blog or website.After publishing our post on there we expect response from readers to our blog.It is a great fact to increase our site's rank on Alexa,Bing,Google and so on.Not only that if we would like to monetize our sites it's very important to get much traffics to our blogs.But visitors will not come automatically.We have to do some work to get them.First,we have to bookmark our page at some popular social bookmarking sites like,,, etc.We can do these by registering at those sites.Then we have to make our page link to other high ranked dofollow blogs by leaving our comments and forum posting.Before that,we have to make some quality post for our blogs and select some quality keywords.These are not so hard but we have to be more hardworking.
Also other new blogger,I'm a learner too.So if I any mistakes please point out it through your commenting in the comment box please.Thanks.


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