Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Longest Trans-oceanic Bridge in the World

Did we think that,human will make bridge over the sea ever?But it is true that human has proved its capability.We are watching the victories of human every where in the world even outside of the world.We landed our feet on the Moon, now we are trying to land on the surface of the March.It must be possible in the future.Now a days,it becomes possible to transport over the sea without the help of boats or sheep's.If we take a look at China,then we    get a proof.China has made a bridge over the sea "Hangzhou Bay" and it is named as "Hangzhou Bay Bridge".It is the world longest sea bridge.The performances of Chinese people are really amazing.They do what they want!Now we take a look at the amazing information of this wonderful bridge.
Length      : 35.673 km 
Span          : 0.448 km
Completed : 2007
Traffic        : Road 
Country      : China
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