Sunday, May 29, 2011

Journey to the center of the earth!!

The sentence, "Journey to the center of the earth", what do we mean by this sentence?A journey?Like by bus! or train! to a interesting place!Is it really possible to make a journey to the center of the earth?I do not know actually,is it possible or not.But,when it is possible to make journey to  moon,even now a days the scientists try to go other planets,if it becomes possible to go outside of the earth then why it is not possible to go inside of the earth.Do we know actually what is happening inside the earth?It is true that,the scientists are not enough interested about it!Where they are more interested about the space.But we should be cautious.We certainly watched the movie 2012.Yes it is a movie.But is it only a movie?But we must know movies are the reflections of   our life,nature.It is true that the earth is going to the end gradually.The process includes some changes inside the earth.The scientists should be more cautious about it.
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